Bluescreens everywhere! Please help!

Every time I play Left 4 Dead for longer than about 10 mins, I get a BSoD. I am consistanly getting STOP ERROR 0xA. After looking into this, windows support sayd it is caused by having an nvidia gpu, chipset, and at least 4 gigs of ram, (i have all of those). So I just removed a stick of ram to see if that resolved the issue, then as I was just browsing the internet, another BSoD! This time STOP ERROR 0x50 .

Is the problem my harrdware? I have run a MemDiagnostic tool for awhile without any errors.

ASUS m3n sli deluxe
AMD phenom 9850
nVidia 8800 GTS (640) X2
OCz PC2 6400 4 X 1 gig sticks (one currently out)
Windows 7 64bit

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

hi check out debugging tools for x64 then you need to get the minidump file, usually windows/minidump/file.dmp

use winDbg (sp?) and open crash dump.

If you get an error access denied or something similar when trying to open the file, copy the .dmp file from /minidump to somewhere else, like your desktop and open it from there.

It will process the .dmp file and you will have your answer!

btw I guess its your gfx drivers but who knows :)

I cannot get the debugger to work. It keeps telling me I have the wrong symbols. I downloaded the retail symbols for W7 and installed them, then set the symbol path on winDbg to C:/symbols, and it still says the same thing.

Also, last night I was playing TF2, and my computer randomly restarted, the froze on boot up. What is going on?! It seems like things are getting worse........

Now I have just received another BSoD stop error!

Stop Error 0xFC

It's something different each time.
Please Help, if this continues I may have to go back to Xp

Flashed my bios to latest version,
removed one vid card, and got latest driver (so now only one 8800 GTS),
ran a memory diagnostic tool for 8 hours with extended tests on with no problem,
then I fire up another game and get this:

STOP Error 0x7e

Anybody have any ideas?

Are you using any wifi adapters? I was getting blue screens all the time, I debugged and found out it was my wifi driver. I was using a Linksys USB300N adapter. Download the debugger from Microsoft it should work to read your memory crash dump files.

Make sure you download the appropriate 32 or 64-bit software: Debugging Tools for Windows - Overview

I know that L4D has definite issues with multicore processors - it usually crashes, to varying extents (BSoD, crash-to-desktop, error message optional) after about ten minutes on all my friends' multicore machines. You can disable multicore rendering in the options, which makes it a lot more stable, but you'll need a good graphics card to keep settings high.

TF2 has the occasional multicore issue too, but it may well not be that problem causing your crashes.

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