Bluetooth audio services WM6.1&W7


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I would like to use W7 as stereo device for my WindowsMobile6.1 HTC - in the fact I would like to use W7
as bluetooth "handsfree" device for voice calling via WM6.1 (speakerd and microphone).

I can see on my WM6.1 paired computer (WinXP) with bluetooth "stereo device" and "handsfree" services.
I tried to pair in the same way W7. I can't enable (customize) audio features on W7 side to see this services in WM6.1.
In my WM6.1 I can see only one feature for paired W7 -> active sync.

Is this anyway possible to setup bluetooth audio services in this way between WM6.1&W7?

ps. I have no problem with WM6.1 using bluetooth handsfree set (jabra). Also I have no problem with bluetooth
communication between WM6.1&W7 via active sync. Everything working fine except I can't customize bluetooth services
for W7 :(



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