Bluetooth device connects but does not pair

Sony Vaio VPCSA290S Laptop purchased 1 year ago. Win7 SP1
Bluetooth device: Foxconn-T77H114-BCM2070 drivers up to date (to the best of my knowledge and hours of searching)

I recently purchased a Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker. I cannot get it to successfully pair with my laptop. When I add the device it installs 3 additional drivers, adds itself to my bluetooth devices but will not work (ie make noise). The speaker does not complete the pairing like it does with my phone (it beeps and an indicator light appears). When I right click the soundlink icon in bluetooth devices and select the control header i get a "the device fails to initialize..." message. (perhaps i am not meant to be able to access the device in this manner i don't know). I have re-installed the drivers for my internal bluetooth device twice. I have tried every combination of steps from the Bose troubleshooting "guide" in their manual and on their website (resetting the device, resetting the bluetooth memory, distance from laptop, other bluetooth devices turned off, etc). I have searched the internets for hours now and am unable to find a similar situation (though sometimes i miss things right under my nose). I have a feeling it is software related, as I have checked device manager, bluetooth settings over and over and it says that my bluetooth radio is functioning fine.

I think i have covered all the variables that i have noticed here. Help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Does the unit work with your phone?

What are the lights on the top showing?

Any chance the volume is turned down?

If you go to playback devices by right clicking the speaker icon, does the speaker show there?

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Thanks for the response,

The unit works with my phone. I have checked the volume as well. The lights on the speaker indicate that its is still in detection mode. After i turn off my computer and turn it back on the light on the speakers changes to attempting to connect (which is a different type of flashing) but it does not connect after an hour of waiting. In my playback devices it does not show up. I have 3 devices. From top to bottom: Speakers Bluetooth Hands Free audio which is designated as disconnected (this icon still appears even after i remove the speakers from my list of bluetooth devices. am i correct in assuming this is my bluetooth sound driver?). I tried connecting it but nothing happened, same when i disabled it and re-enabled it. Under that is Speaker/HP Realtek high definition audio device that is set to default. Last is Speakers SRS HD audio labs device which is also a default device. I have tried pairing my speaker with the SRS software removed from my computer and the same situation of connecting and not pairing occurs.

Thanks for helping


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The user's manual has a troubleshooting section, which is pretty good. It suggests turning off all other paired devices, and explain what the lights mean.

You do show a Bluetooth "Add a Device" option in the system tray? I think you have already done this, but remove it and try again using this panel. The speaker also says you can remove all paired devices by holding the button down for around 10 seconds... This might be another option.

Thanks for the suggestions. However, I have tried those solutions dozens of times. I don't really know what to do. Maybe a reformat to original factory state will help out. Might make my cluttered small SSD a bit less cramped too ;)

Much appreciated.


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Pairing a device can be a problem, and I did find different options for pairing when using Devices and Printers or the Bluetooth devices dialog.

Does it ever ask you for a pairing number? Do you have the Bluetooth set for let devices discover it?

I assume you hold the button down for a couple of seconds on the unit and the light starts flashing. Then you search for devices on the computer. After that it should be fairly normal.

I wonder if an anti-virus or firewall program might be blocking it? Have you tried moving locations to get a better position on the device?

I have seen WiFi have some effect on Bluetooth, is it next to any wireless device?

Bluetooth is set to discover, never asked for a pairing number. The device is about 2 feet away from my laptop maybe a bit more. I have honestly given up as i have spent more time searching for solutions than it would take to return my SSD to factory state. Thanks for the time and suggestions. Much appreciated.


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