bluetooth exchange folder


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Apr 6, 2013
Hi, I’m Running Windows 7 on 2 machines.
I transfer images from my phone to both machines using Bluetooth. On my home machine I set it up quite some time ago so that the images would land in a specific folder on another drive in my machine. I remembered it being a bit tricky but ultimately got it to work. I’m trying to do this again on my laptop, however am not getting the same results. I am going into the Bluetooth icon’s properties, to Share, and then there is an area you can select the exchange folder. However the images I transfer continue to land in the old my doc’s pictures folder that was the default before. If I transfer a PDF or something else from the phone it does go into the correct new folder I have chosen, but images continue going to the wrong place. I have googled around and found many with the same issue but no solutions. This seems like something that should be much easier to solve. My suspicion is that there is another setting for the PIM transfer service, however I cannot locate anything on the machine, nor in the internet to guide me to where those setting might be. As I stated, I remember this being a pain before, but I somehow got it to work.
Thanks for the help in advance.

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