Bluetooth has suddenly stopped working

I have an issue with Bluetooth that has me tearing my hair out. Sometime last year I bought a HP Laptop DV6 1218TX and Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 to use with it. I'm running Windows Ultimate 64 bit.

At first, the Bluetooth mouse worked absolutely fine and then suddenly, after a few months of problem-free usage, the mouse stopped working (in the middle of a game). I did everything I could think of but was unable to get it working again. I eventually gave up.

A few months ago I re-installed Window and Bluetooth and the mouse worked fine. And then, a couple of days ago, it stopped working again and I find myself in exactly the same situation.

Windows reports that Bluetooth is functioning correctly in every way, but when I go to 'Add New Device' it's unable to find anything.

These are the steps I have tried:
- tested the mouse on another computer - it worked fine.
- going into Bluetooth Settings\Options and ensuring that the boxes are checked to allow devices to find & connect to the computer
- removing the Bluetooth drivers in Device Manager and rebooting - the drivers seem to re-install fine
- ensuring the Bluetooth drivers are up to date
- going into services.msc\Bluetooth Support Services and ensuring 'Startup' is set to 'Automatic'
- going into Device Manager\Bluetooth Radios\HP integrated Bluetooth module\Properties\Power Management and unchecking 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' - (interestingly, this did fix an issue where the mouse would occasionally and randomly stop working when the charger wasn't plugged in.)

Unfortunately I don't have any other Bluetooth devices so I'm unable to test whether this problem is specific to my mouse.

I really hope someone can help! When Bluetooth works, it's great. But this issue is infuriating me and I'm not sure what else I can try. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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have u looked for a more upto date driver online?

i would first try, removing any drivers relating to bluetooth frm the pc
redownload the drivers for w7??


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When you reload the drivers, what exactly are you reloading? Did you load the drivers on the other system. Have you checked for differences in running services and devices in device manager for the two systems (some might be hidden).

If you set the mouse as discoverable, does the led blink and does your system find it at all? Maybe a driver is being loaded through Windows update that is messing up your bluetooth.

Wireless can interfere with bluetooth. Were there any position changes of any equipment around the time the mouse stopped working?

Thank you very much for you replies. I'm pretty sure I'm using the most up to date drivers, although the driver date is 30/7/2009.

I'm reloading the driver by going into Device Manager\Bluetooth Radios. There are two devices listed, 'HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology' and ''Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator'. I uninstall the first one, which automatically uninstalls both devices. I then reboot, and Windows automatically reinstalls the devices. This is the exact process I went through one year ago before I reinstalled Windows.

I set the mouse as discoverable, the LED blinks, but when I go into Bluetooth\Add A Device, Windows say 'Searching for devices.. Make sure your device is discoverable', but Windows doesn't find anything.

I've tried turning off WiFi but that doesn't make any difference. I hadn't moved any equipment around the time Bluetooth stopped working. Or, for that matter, changed any settings or installed any hardware etc. In fact, it stopped working so randomly and suddenly there is nothing I can think of that I did that relates to the problem.

I'm not sure if this is of any help, but I tried my friends Bluetooth mobile phone. Windows can't find it, but the mobile discovers my computer, although it can't connect to it. It's a pretty old mobile though, so who knows?

Thanks again.


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You seem to have the drivers you need, since I have about the same except a different manufacturer.

You say the mouse works on another computer, so it appears to be working. Have you tried taking the battery out for a while, and then replace it with a new one, just to test? But if the LED is blinking red and green and your system doesn't see it, I can only surmise it thinks is already knows about it, but you said it is not showing up the the Devices and Printers dialog.

Have you checked the hidserv and bthserv to make sure they are running? I realize you made sure the service was set to automatic start, but is it running.

The only other thing I could think of trying is to look in device manager for any ghost devices you might be able to delete. I don't remember right now how to do that, but I will get back. Are you just showing the one mouse and touchpad in device manager, or just the touchpad?

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Yep, tried replacing the batteries. The LED on my mouse is blinking red and green, but Windows still can't find it.

Both hidserv and bthserv are set to automatic, and are running. (If being listed under 'Status' as 'Started' means that they are running.)

In Device Manager, both my touchpad and an 'HID-compliant mouse' are showing.

However I'm not sure this is actually the Bluetooth mouse. For one, the location is listed as 'Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver'. Secondly, a driver is listed however there is actually no driver for the MS Bluetooth 5000 mouse. Thirdly, if I uninstall the mouse in Device Manager, it reappears after rebooting, even if leaving the mouse switched off for the reboot.

I've attached a couple of images of what I can see in Device Manager:

21.jpg 22.jpg



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My mouse shows it on Bluetooth, so can you turn off the Infrared device in the bios, if you aren't using it?

When you uninstall a driver, it gives you the option of removing all traces of the driver. You might do that and then uninstall the device, then see what happens. It might depend on the Infrared, but if the system is not preloaded to go to an infrared driver, it might find the correct one.

If that doesn't work, have you tried selecting a driver yourself and point it to a Bluetooth device as opposed to an infrared one.

Edit: I suppose it would be a good idea to keep the mouse turned off until you can determine if Windows is trying to reload a driver. Once everything settles down, maybe the Bluetooth will recognize the mouse.

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I uninstalled the (two) infrared receiver drivers (I didn't seem to have an option in BIOS to disable infrared), they uninstalled fine, and Windows did give me the option to remove the diver files, which I did. On reboot, Windows didn't automatically reinstall them.

Just to test, I removed all traces of Bluetooth & reinstalled, again nothing.

However, I fear I may have led you on a wild goose chase re infrared. My last post probably required some clarification. Yes, under 'Device Manager\Mice and other pointing devices' I have two devices, my touch pad, and an HID-compliant mouse, the location for which is listed as 'Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver'.

And, under Device Manager\HID-compliant devices, (as you can see from the attached image) there are two 'HID-compliant consumer control devices' and three 'HID-compliant devices'. When I go into the properties of these devices, it totally confuses me. I've attached a image of what I can see in Device Manager so you can see what I mean. Remember, this is after uninstalling & reinstalling the Bluetooth drivers, and during this whole process the mouse has remained switched off. Here are the 'locations' for these devices as listed under properties:

HID-compliant consumer control devices - Bluetooth Remote Control
HID-compliant consumer control devices - Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver
HID-compliant devices - Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver
HID-compliant devices - Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver
HID-compliant devices - Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver

I don't know if this helps, makes senses, or is of any significance... but I hope so!



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I agree, this seems to be a little confusing, but some info has been left out. Do you have an infrared mouse?

What do you have that uses infrared?

I am not familiar with the interaction of an infrared device and bluetooth device. The Wireless frequencies are obvisously not involved, but the software that handles them might be. I have not run an infrared device so I have no experience with it.

When you removed the drivers, did you do that on the mouse or the infrared device? I also do not know what a Bluetooth remote control is since I do not show such a device.

I would think if you had an infrared receiver, which is fairly normal for a laptop, you would have the option in the bios to turn it off.

I am running out of ideas.

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