Bluetooth Headset does not show in Audio Devices


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I have a problem using my Callstel "Black Tube" Bluetooth Headset with my Windows 7 Notebook.
The headset is a standard mono Bluetooth Headset (no A2DP I think).
It can pair it with my Laptop which runs Windows 7 Professional and it is also shown in Devices and Printers, but it is not shown in the System Control as an Audio Device.
In additiom to that Windows says that there is no proper driver for the bluetooth peripheral device installed and it doesn't find the driver with windows update.
I didn't get a driver CD from the manufacturer and the support says that this product should run without special drivers because it is a standard mono-bluetooth headset that uses only standard protocolls.
Do you have any suggestions what to do?


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Hello and welcome to the windows7forums.

Including Ear, USB charging cable, 2-port USB Power Adapter Mains, German Instructions ....does this sound like the one you have. You're right there is no driver for it.

Try this download to see if it can locate the bluetooth device:

BluetoothView - Monitor the Bluetooth activity around you


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I have no USB-Power Adapter, only a USB-charging Cable, but this really sounds like my device.

I can locate the Headset, even without the application you mentioned. It also appears in Devices and Printers as I said above, but I can't use it for anything becasue it says that the driver is missing.

Would it be better if I use an alternative Bluetooth Software like, Widcomm or Blue Soleil then the original Windows 7 Bluetooth Stack?


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I just solved the Problem myself by installing Bluesoleil v.

But I want to know if there's really no method using the built-in Windows 7 Bluetooth Stack?
I thought Microsoft has improved the Bluetooth Stack in Windows 7?

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