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I built a new pc 2 days ago and everything is good. I was playing VR and my hole computer froze so I restarted it and it happened again after trying to launch vr so I restarted it and then it was fine. So I bring up the WMR vr portal and could not get the controllers to connect. So I bought up Bluetooth and other devices and under the controllers it said Bluetooth was off and there was no option anywhere to turn it back on. Then I noticed in the icon tray there was no Bluetooth icon so I started doing searching online for answers and tried everything. I went in device manage and tried updating the driver for the Bluetooth but nothing so I uninstalled the intel wireless Bluetooth driver and tried reinstalling it. But now Bluetooth is not even in my device manger anywhere I cant find it on my system anywhere. The windows troubleshooting says my system does not support Bluetooth which I know it does was just using it. It also said under the hardware troubleshoot that there is two unknow usb devices. I also checked for updates and did a lot more stuff in between but nothing works. So if someone could help in anyway that would be amazing. Thanks.

i5 8600k
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so you have automatic updates... Microsoft (one size fits all) drivers installed to replace your 3rd party drivers

try the Asrock driver page for a more up to date verson 1st
ASRock > Support