Bluetooth Problems

My girlfriend has a Dell Studio 15 and it originally came with windows vista. Since she really enjoyed windows 7 on my computer, I installed it on hers. Everything works well except for the bluetooth:

After installing windows 7 the drivers didn't update/configure correctly and the bluetooth didn't work. I called Dell to see if there were new drivers available and we went through about 6 different versions to no avail. Each time I would install the drivers the mouse would work fine until the power was completely shut down (waiting about 30 seconds to remove all residual power). Then when I turn the computer back on, it shows the mouse still there (in bluetooth devices), but it doesn't connect to it when I turn the mouse on. I have to remove all information of the mouse from the registry and reconnect the device to get it working again.

It seems that the computer forgets the location (MAC address or whatever it useses) of the mouse when the bluetooth module loses power.

Thanks in advance for the help =)

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