Windows 7 Bluetooth radios uninstall after hibernation


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Hi first of all well done for a great community! I'm very new to Windows 7 and this forum has been very instructive.
I have recently installed Windows 7 build 7077on a Dell Studio 1730, and I found it fantastic. All the pretty frills of VIsta with so much more functionality!
My only problem is that when I return from Sleep/Hibernation my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 5000 still works but loses most of it's functions like for example wheel scrolling. The first time this happened I thought the internal 370 bluetooth mini-card got uninstalled somehow and so I reinstalled the drivers for it. However this was happening all the time and then I noticed that the Bluetooth Radios are no longer present in Device Manager. The bluetooth icon is also no longer in the taskbar so I couldn't add the mouse again. This was solved by reboothing Windows and the Bluetooth Radios were once again installed, and my mouse was working fine.
However this same situation repeats itself every time I put the laptop to Sleep/Hibernate. To get the mouse to work correctly I need to restart, which I hate doing.
Can someone please help me with this? I don't think I can live without the scroll wheel, and like I said I hate having to rebooth every time. Any suggestions will be most welcomed. Thank you guys and keep the good work up.