bluetooth win7 trouble installing/finding devices

This is my laptop's page. L655D-S5102 is my exact model. Win7 Home Premium 64 Bit.
Bluetooth devices:
Kensington Model 33348
iomega Model gbu221wm

I tried to install the Kensington first but win7 reported not finding all the drivers (although Kensington claims there is no additional software needed for win7) so I downloaded the 64bit Toshiba Stack software from Kensington. When it asks for the device to be plugged in I do so then click OK. he window reappears about a minute later no matter where I plug it in. Have tried uninstalling every pit of bluetooth drivers I could then did it again with no luck.

Switched to the iomega device which actually has a driver available (from Vista, supposed to be the same for W7). Installation went smoothly but when I search devices nothing ever comes up (and I know well enough to know it should find at least 2 devices).
This guide hasn't really helped either:

Make your Bluetooth devices work on Windows 7

Hello, I am having same issue with my lenovo t400, did you have some solution or update?


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Do you show something similar to what is shown in the attachment. I am not a Bluetooth expert, but my mouse and keyboard do work?

If you have the drivers installed (I loaded the Atheros drivers from the ASUS site, the Microsoft ones loaded by themselves) I will set the device discoverable (blinking red and green) and open the Add a Device window. The device is found and added.

You might check if there is a bios update for your system that includes items for the Bluetooth device, which probably has to be enabled in the bios.

If you can find the device and need to make changes to how it is set up, you might be able to do that in the Devices and Printers window.


I have this 2 itens, but for me, it is a Thinkpad Enhanced instead of your ASUS.

My problem is that there are 2 other itens as Bluetooth Peripheral Device with a ! triangle under Other devices... Apparently, these are not being recognized, but they were prior to the application of Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 64 bits.

It seems that it is a global problem with Windows 7, and cos of the long timeframe, surprised me that neither MS or lenovo didnt come up with some work around.I could revert the Service pack, but it will create other problems, so this is not the solution. I am pretty much disappointed with LENOVO and MS because of the time they are not solving this issue, despite that fact of MANY, TONS of foruns complaining about.

If you have some other information, I would be glad to hear.

Thanks in advance.


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The only thing I can suggest is that you uninstall the devices then try to allow rediscovery. My system can be aggravating because is seems to "loose" my devices and can take some time or shutting down and restarting the adapter before that will work again.

I will always need a USB mouse and keyboard available when using the Bluetooth devices since they are not always reliable.

I've done that TONs of times... And thats why I am frustrated, because there are many people which have the same problem, and nobody from the suppliers, MS or LENOVO in my case say anything.I just bought an USB dongue to try as well, and the behavior is the same, which makes me suspect that it is not a single Driver issue, but a general Windows 7 failure over the bluetooth detection.

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