Blurry Text after installing Windows 7


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It seems that some people, including myself, are having problems with blurry text after installing Windows 7. If you Google "blurry text and Windows 7" you will come up with many posts on various forums and websites. There are many suggestions, most obvious, such as updating videocard and monitor drivers, applying the clear type tuner settings, changing the DPI for fonts, deselecting the "smoothing of fonts" setting, etc., etc. In most cases, everything has been tried and the monitors are at their native resolution. I for example have a Samsung 25.5" T260 connected to 2 computers via both HDMI and DVI. It is not the monitor. Text under Vista was crisp and clear and is still crisp and clear under XP in a dual-boot scenario. I am not asking for a "cure", but just curious how others have fared. It must only affect certain videocard/monitor setups or there would be many more posts. Are most of the readers of this forum getting crisp/clear text as they were accustomed to under Vista and XP? I can live with it (for now), but am just disappointed as I wasn't expecting this. I did install Windows 7 on a laptop which is perfect so again, it apparently only affects certain configurations.


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1. Open Registry Editor.
2. Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel and Desktop.
3. Set FontSmoothingType to 1.
4. Set FontSmoothing to 1.
5. Reboot.

this worked for me perfectly!