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Axel PC

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After surfing the web since the Windows 95 days one tends to have "alot" of bookmarks lol. I'm curious on how you organize and manage your bookmarks. Do you use an extension? Do you use tags? Specifically for geeks like us how to organize all your tech related bookmarks for; software, tutorials, tech magazine sites, blogs etc. Thanks, really interested in seeing if I can learn a new tip from this.


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After years of trying different methods of naming and sequencing hundreds of Internet Explorer Favorites, here is the method I have settled upon. Rename the top level folders with a two digit prefix (starting 01, 03 etc.) followed by a space. I have ‘01 Finance’, ‘03 Forums’ through to ‘53 Art’. Not all, but some subfolders and individual websites are prefixed in the same way. Leave gaps in the numbering system to allow insertions and keep the names as short as possible, otherwise a wider pane is needed to display them. As new ones are saved, just right-click or press and hold and choose ‘Sort by name’ which puts them in alphanumeric sequence.

This is a one-off labour-intensive procedure, but it is worthwhile doing.

Axel PC

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I've never considered that. That's an interesting way to organize folders. It certainly would come in handy when you have tons of bookmarks. I'll definitely keep this one in mind.


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I have a number of "category folders" in my bookmarks bar. Inside each "category folder" you can put tons of sites.