Windows 7 Boot Choose windows 7 or old xp why?


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I installed windows 7 from xp (clean install) works perfect. When I turn machine on I get black screen with old windows version or default windows 7 will load in 30 seconds if you don't choose.

Can I have it just go straight to windows 7 or is it to late. what did I do wrong. How to correct in the future. Thanks

Windows 7 running great.
You didn't do anything wrong, that's just the boot manager that Windows 7 installed. You now have a dual boot configuration set up, meaning you can choose to use either OS, Windows 7 or Windows XP. ;) As for making it go directly into Windows 7, there is a very useful tool for making changes to the boot manager called EasyBCD from NeoSmart Technologies. It's a very easy program to use and allows you to customize the boot manager to your liking. Here's a link to a very well done guide that deals with dual booting Windows XP and Windows 7. Hopefully this helps and answers some of your questions. :)

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That being said, as always, if your not comfortable making changes with things like this then I would advise against it.
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That has happened to me but only when I have clicked the Boot options screen as Windows loads. it's titled Windows Boot Manager, but my only choice is Windows 7

Ah, Radenight, you beat me to it and Easy BCD is definately an excellent program.
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You can also reduce the 30 seconds to something like 2 seconds, so the computer would go faster into the default selection. Both the default and the time can be changed without using EasyBCD. Just boot into Win 7, R-click My Computer, choose Properties, then Advanced System Settings. Next click the Advanced tab and in the Startup And Recovery section click the Settings button. In the next window you will see where you can choose the default OS and change the time.
I was able to change the default time to 0 seconds so it goes within a fraction of a second into windows 7. The other os isn't actually xp (I don't know what you'd call it corrupted os or something, just says it can't get into xp.)

So I'll leave well enough alone and go directly to the default windows 7 os. (Partition some other time).

Thanks for the help on the default time.
Just be careful with the zero time if you ever make the default the OS other than Win 7. The only way I have only found to adjust the time is from within Win 7. Therefore if you make the time zero and you make the default the other OS, I don't know how you will get back into Win 7 to change the settings. Maybe this is where EasyBCD comes in. Two seconds at least gives you enough time to switch from the default.