Boot File Goes Missing (should I return new computer?)


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I'm having trouble with my very new computer (Lenovo Y480 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit), which I've narrowed down to the following sequence:
1. I restored computer to original factory settings (to rule out possible causes)
2. I ran msconfig, and checked the boxes 'Safe Mode' and 'Networking.' I got the following error message:
"System configuration cannot save the original boot configuration for later restoration. Boot changes will be reverted.

The system cannot find the file specified"
3. The default boot option disappeared from the boot menu (Windows 7, default OS, current OS).
4. When I restarted my computer, it would not boot and gave me the error 0xc00034, stating that the file \Boot\BCD was missing.

I did not do anything else with my computer after restoring the factory settings, and I did not connect to the internet. I originally encountered the problem when I wanted to try installing Windows updates in safe mode after some of the installations failed. I have replicated the error several times, including after successfully installing all Windows updates.

I got this computer less than two weeks ago. Is this problem particular to my computer, perhaps caused by a corrupted file? It's a simple problem that occurs under factory settings with no changes made. Should I try to return it and get a replacement?

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I would see about returning it or getting help from the manufacturer.


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I would probably agree consideration should be given to returning it, in case something like the hard drive is bad.

But since this is an new system, any chance it is installed as a UEFI system? You can tell from a Disk Management if it has a EFI partition, or if you can't get into the OS, running Diskpart to look at the drive configuration, should show a * under GPT. If it were to be UEFI, you would need to boot to the Windows Boot Manager, not the hard drive.

Some Windows Updates may fail, or at least the first time. Not sure why Safe Mode would cause your problem, unless you changed the boot options by starting it.

In the bios, what do you show for possible boot devices/options?


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Of course this can be fixed but without lots of experienced technical knowledge, this can take many hours and lots of fustration which is something that you surly shouldn't have to go through with a brand new computer. Time is money. Go have it fixed for free at the place you got it from.

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