boot from other drives and fromat

i want to boot windows7 from my harddisk which i am using .
i mean to say that not from external hard disk drive.

i will try to explain again, actually i have a pc on which i am working at this time (internal or primary harddisk drive of it ). i want to reboot my system and when its bootsup then it should be stating setup of win7 from one of my harddisk drive. for example from d: drive (D:/win7)

and also want to fromat my c drive.


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I not sure I'm grasping your idea.

Could you please upload a screenshot of Disk Management?


path is this :

i want to run from this.


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You have definitely made your partitions too small.

What OS is on the C: drive.

You have the setup files on D:, but what partition do you plan on installing it to?

Have you tried running setup and did you receive any error messages?

i think i couldn' t explain well.

i am currently using windows7 which is installed in C drive.

now i want to uninstall windows7 from C drive and then again install a fresh new copy of windows7 in same C drive.

i dont have Usb, External Hard Drive and DVD Rom so how can i do this?

kindly tell me , you are getting my point now or not?


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Even if you went straight to a command prompt, you could not remove Windows 7 from the C: drive.

You cannot boot from the D: drive, you can only boot from a DVD-Rom or USB flash or a second hard drive.

As I stated, your partitions are way to small.

I'd recommend 40GB for Windows7, 50GB is you plan on using XP Mode.

How did you install Windows 7 on the C: drive if you don't have a DVD or flash drive?

Can't you borrow a flash drive from someone?

i 'll borrow from some one then dear tell me how can i make USB bootable?

dear please explain me in simple words
you can write steps.


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I haven't done this myself, but just type this into a Google search:

USB bootable windows 7

you'll find step-by-step instructions there.

now i made a usb bootable of win7.
but i am facing a problem right now.
i have made this one from the web:
but when i restarted my system go into the bios.
and from bios, go into Advanced CMOS Setup.
and then select First boot device as USB.

now here are some more similar things to USB.
for example:
IDE-0,CD/DVD-0,Intel UNDI,

which one should i have to choose.?
i selected USB-FDD but there is an error when i am trying to restart : "a Disk Read-Error Occured, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del"

kindly tell me how to ?
and what sequence of boot devices should be?

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anyone can help me pleaseee?


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Sorry for the delayed response.

You need to make sure that USB bootin enabled in the BIOS first.

Then set the first boot device as the USB.

Set it to USB, HDD

no sir, its also creates that error.
"Disk Read-Error Occured, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del"


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Did you burn the ISO file to the USB drive or just copy it.

Try hitting the F? key on startup until you see the boot options screen that lists all your hard drives and USB drives. Select the USB drive and click OK.

If that doesn't work, either your system is old and doesn't allow booting from the USB drive or you have not correctly burned the ISO to the Flash drive.

Again, how did you install Windows 7 on the C: drive.

You're also going to need to move all those thousands of files that are taking up space on your various partitions.

There's probably not enough room to even install Windows 7.

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