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After having a failed attempt to go back to an earlier restore point (the computer just sat there for ever saying that it was restoring the registry, so I finally shut it off) my computer wouldn't boot so I tried several attempts at automatic repair from the disk etc.

I started getting a message that says "Please reboot and select an appropriate boot device" or something to that effect.

I hit the F8 button and got to the boot menu, and told it to boot to my first hard drive, then it boots right up.

Trying to get rid of this, I messed around with the boot setup until I got it to a point where it wouldn't boot at all.

So I restored my C:\ drive using a system image that I created with Paragon.

That worked fine, but I still get the message to select a boot device every time I boot the computer.

I went into the bios and made sure it's set to boot to the DVD drive and then the C:\ drive.

If I open the bios, and say save changes and exit, it will restart and boot into Windows.

The next time I try and start the computer I get the restart and select a boot device message again.

So every time I have to either open the boot menu, F8, or the Bios in order the get it to find the C:\ drive and boot.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?


Ps. I just told my computer to reboot, and it did it without the select a bootable drive thing, but when I shut it off I have to open the boot menu and tell it what drive to boot to.

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Hi again.

I think I have the issue fixed.

I was finally able to get it to run automatic repair from my Windows 8 disk, without its just starting over and over.
This time it actually said "Attempting to repair your computer" and then rebooted and loaded.

I shut it down completely waited a few minutes and then restarted it and it booted into Windows with no problems.

If it starts acting up again I'll come back.


It's still working after several shutdowns and restarts.

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