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I cannot seem to figure this one out. I initially installed Windows 7 RC on my newer SATA Hard drive with my older but working Windows XP drive still active. I finished installation and went into Windows 7. All was good, so I was going to save a little power and heat and disconnect the Windows XP Hard drive. Well, after that, it went to a black screen after POST and said "cannot load boot manager". So, I reconnected the XP drive and wiped the new drive clean. I then disconnected the old drive and left only a DVD-RW drive and the newer hard drive connected. I again installed Windows 7 to the new drive with the old drive disconnected. I then booted into Windows 7 with only the newer drive connected.

All is well, eh. So, after a few boots with only the newer drive connected, I shut down and reconnected the older drive to move files to my newer one. I moved my files and shut down. I then disconnected the older drive. I started up and it stated the boot loader is missing. I had to reconnect the older drive to start onto Windows 7(I have verified that my new 7 install is indeed using the newer drive as primary. I also have done my best to verify that the boot is based on the newer drive).

However, I still to this minute have to have the older drive connected to boot. It does boot right into the Windows 7 I have installed on the newer drive without problem. My upcoming issue is that the older drive is starting to show some less than stellar SMART numbers compared to my newer drive(both Seagates, older is 7200.10..newer is 7200.11). So, how do I correctly move my bootloader to the newer drive?


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I think if you took your old HDD out then booted up but with the windows 7 DVD in the drive (so change the boot order to CD/DVD first, apologies if you already know how to do this..:)) then when it gets to the install screen choose 'Repair'. Hopefully that should cure your problem..

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