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Hi ! I've divided my disk into partitions and accidentally removed boot loader of windows and now I get "boot mgr is missing", so I cant load my windows :( I have a disk and put boot order in BIOS but it still does not give me an opportunity to install windows, so I have only openSUSE right now, and 2 partitions of windows with C: and D: disks. How to restore this bootloader or at least make install windows 7?


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Do you show the C: partition as active?I will assume you have no other drives installed, internal or external, than the one you mention. If it is not active, we need to set it active assuming there are no small partitions on the drive that are already active.

When you say you have a disk, does that mean you have an install DVD or a Repair CD?From what it appears you are saying, I would boot into a Windows 7 Repair Environment and go to the command prompt. Type the following command followed by enter:

bcdboot C:\Windows

Now reboot.

An alternative, if the partition is active, is to run a startup repair around 3 times to make the system bootable.

If you have any situations not mentioned in your post, it might effect the result. If you do not know how to get into the Recovery environment, post back.


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I had to insert my Win 7 installation disk, boot to it, chose repair install. The disk found that there were errors automatically and fixed the errors for me.


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I would suggest, if you are not happy with the results from any of the ideas above, you download and use EasyBcd. (Free) It has an option to write a Linux entry into the boot menu also, which I have used succesfully from time to time..

Download EasyBCD Free - A handy tool for tweaking your system - Softpedia


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I also use EasyBCD. I believe in the OP's case he can't get into Windows to install EasyBCD. Once he has this problem fixed so he can get into Windows, EasyBCD is a great addition to his utiliy needs.


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Doh. Tks for the reminder Ted!!!!!

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