Boot manager/grub problem... I think?


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Dell Inspiron 1564

dual boot: Backtrack 5r1 and win7homepremium/8

Started innocently enough with me partitioning a drive to make space so I could test win7starter. I reboot to finalize the partition and I get the grub rescue error. I tried the super grub2 disk thing to no effect. I say screw it and decide to start fresh.

I get out my old restore disks for win 7 go through the motions and I still get the grub rescue error.

So then I get parted magic on unetbootin and completely format the lappy's hard drive in a single ntfs drive and I reboot and I still get the grub rescue error.

I am getting a copy of win7 retail to put on BUT I still need to fix the grub issue which is blocking me from booting into windows to fix the boot problem from command prompt (I am aware of the the irony of needing to boot into windows in order to be able to boot into windows) . Anyone know what to do? Z/Z


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If you are getting a bootable copy of Win 7 install then it will over write all the grub boot info from your grub boot.


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I figured my restore disks would have the same effect on the boot manager but I still couldn't get past the grub boot error but if a mod sez it'll work i'll try a retail version of win 7 boot and hopefully that will work. Thx Z/Z


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I also have a Grub Rescue problem, i have managed to reinstall the Acer Recovery Management, all seems to go well until the restart, after restarting the computer gives me a Grub Rescue.


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As Pat mentions, reinstalling with a Windows 7 Install DVD/Flash drive will probably overwrite GRUB and get things working again.

A Startup Repair might take as many as four runs to be able to repair the system. Reboots need to be done between runs.

Other options might be using Bootrec.exe to /FixBoot or /FixMBR might overwrite the Grub loader.

Bootsect.exe might also help with the /nt60 switch (not for UEFI installs)

The effectiveness of both of the commands will depend on where you allowed the Grub loader to be placed.

If all else fails, you could clean the drive with Diskpart using the clean command. This of course sets the drive back to a RAW status and will wipe anything on the drive, so do not use if you are trying to keep some configuration or data.

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