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Okay I have done so many steps on BCDEDIT and Bootrec and Bootsect that i just dont know what ive done now ... Okay at first my computer didnt boot up (WINDOWS 7) because Bootmgr was failing and it happens to me a lot since i mess with the inside of my computer on a daily basis with other things... okay anyway well i was going to rebuild the BCD and i did something wrong because now when i do a BOOTREC /ScanOS in Windows RE enviroment i get


if im not mistaken i think i redirected everything to Windows.old or something in other steps prior to this..

BCDEDIT looks like this..

Windows Boot Manager
identifier {Bootmgr}
device partition =C:
description windows boot manager
default {default}
displayorder {default}
timeout 10

Windows Boot Loader
identifier {default}
device Partition=C:
path \windows\system32\winload.exe
description windows vista
osdevice partition =C:
systemroot \windows

I am only running one current Hard drive and it has apparently two parts one Being C: AND D: But C: is called System Reserve or something on those terms and is only 100 Megs while D: contains the actual windows installation so i was wondering how i can redirect the boot again

-thanks in advance, Chris


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Im sorry but im not really familiar with the Cd commands , would u explain how to do that..?


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Oh i see.. But the Bootloader is already programed to use what i had changed it to which was a completely different part of the drive and i dont remember how i did that exactly lol... which is why i have everything all mixed up at the moment, im pretty sure im going to end up just reinstalling windows 7 because i think i edited to much to even reverse, thanks a lot for ur help bcarroll


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Have you tried booting up with your original DVD abd repairing the startup? Sometimes, for unknown reasons, it needs two shots?
Otherwise download and run Easybcd (free) and use it tor epair you boot procedures.

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