Boot problem

My laptop has win. 7 os. I tried unsuccessfully to boot win7 from a external usb hard drive. I have given up on that idea because of bsod. Now however, when I try to boot only from the internal hd it gives me a choice of which hd to boot from the phantom disconnected usb drive or the internal drive and I have to now always select the internal drive. How can I fix it so that it will automatically start from the internal drive?

I forgot to mention that I tried to use system repair without success and it shows a error code windows/system32/winload.exe and beneath that it says status : 0xc000000e

Go to run type MSCONFIG select boot tab highlight the one you want to delete and then click on the delete button. Remember you should always have a current backup available for use if necessary.

Super Sarge, It worked great.
Thank you very much, your a life saver in more ways than one and thank you for your service to our country. It is very much appreciated.

Your Welcome

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