Boot Skipping Windows 7 Install Disk

Hey, I tried to search for this problem but could not find what I was looking for.
I downloaded Windows 7 64 bit from my university via the MSDN AA program. I know that I need a clean install to upgrade this PC from XP to Windows 7. I downloaded the files and made the iso which I then burned onto a DVD. When I try to start the computer with the install disk in (the first boot device is the DVD drive)
Boot from CD:
comes up like it should during the start up and hangs there for a few seconds, then just continues on to load XP, as if it looked at the disc and determined that it was not a boot disc.

In My Computer, the disc shows up fine and i can explore and see all the files, and it yells at me when I try to run setup in XP like it should, I know there is no path from XP to 7, so it seems like the disc has everything it should have.

I realize that I need to wipe XP off the drive in order to install win 7, though I want to make sure the dvd boots first, and just wipe the drive via the install program. If someone can help me out or direct me to a thred where this problem is answered that would be great.

In the meantime I will try to boot with a flash drive. Thanks in advance.

Nevermind I re-burned the DVD and now it woks.

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