Boot sound driver network lag issues

Installing this OS has been a nightmare to date, granted it is on an older system:

DFI Lanparty sli-dr NF4
AMD64 FX-53
2G ram
2x Seagate 120G barracudas (originally set up on a raid 0 array)
BFG nvidia 7800 ultra

On the initial install windows would not recognize my hard drives tried using driver from all of my original system disks, non were considered verified signed drivers. After doing osme research seems that Win7 isn't fond of SIL3114 raid drivers, so figured what the heck broke the raid (yeah I know dumb mistake) to find that it wasn't the raid drivers that were the issue it was the sata drivers, ok thats was my screw up. Now I have win7 instlaling and it recognized both 120G drives no problem, slower than a 90 year blind woman riding a quadraplegic turtle but it installed and updated drivers great.

Then my router dies, more accurately it look at my rottweiler funny and apparently really offended her. Anyway I am still in the process of downloading and reinstalling software si I plug directly into my cable modem and think everything should be just fine, nope. For some reason Win7 doesn't like you to switch between the two because suddenly it see my connection as an unidentified public network /OMGburyheadinsand and refuses to aloow an internet connection. So I pull up the network and sharing center try to set up a new connection, nope if your ISp doesn't require a UN and PW forget about it, connect to a network shows the same page ie does nothing. right click to refresh the conenction, nope you can't. Disconect reconnect BUZZZ wrong answer. power cycle your modem meh eventually works. reboot pc, works every time. Why do I find this an issue? It's flat out friggin annoying, when in XP could just right click select refresh and good to go.

Now the network thing is resolved, sort of, I start downloading adware and anti-virus software do to put it on my 2nd drive, oh wait my second drive that was 220G is now 95MB and no friggin clue how to fix it. I plug the drive into another computer with sata ports and reads the drive just fine, no bad sectors on chdsk, just 95MB of system reserved spindles.

then tonight I got up to let the dog out and see that my computer is sitting at the user log in screen which is odd since i had a program running that should not have caused a reboot, so I pick up my keyboard and start to type in my pW and the lights on the keyboard go out and are completely unresponsive. SO I reboot the computer and get stuck at NVIDIA boot manager, somehow WIN7 has temporarily misplaced my boot record. Actually I initially suspected a virus or some such so I pulled out my ultimate boot disk and went to town with adware and virus scans.......nadda nothing zip zilch. Boot into bios and double check all settings there are good. As I am banging my head against the reset button on the BFC (Big F***** Case was too tired and lazy to find a brick wall) suddenly windows starts to boot to a black white rectangle, on a hunch I typed in my PW hit enter and waiting about 15 minutes to eventually see my desktop and the programs I had running when I went to bed up and running!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway I hope a few people got a laugh out of this, I am seriously sleep deprived atm so most of the rant was intended to be humorous. However if there are any suggestions as to how to recover my missing drive or the mysterous ADHD missing boot sector I would appreciate it.

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