Boot time is slow

i own xps1330 2.4.ghz 2gbram

i just installed the 7rc after the beta, and at first it ran fast but im running it for like 2 days, and now the boot time is longer then 1minute10seconds.

why is that???


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Hello and welcome to the Windows7 forums,

Please let us know your hardware specs and whether you did a "clean" install or an upgrade.

Are youi dual-booting with another OS?

Do you have a c:\windows.old folder?

whats up Reg...nice Nova. I had one of those back in the day...but mine was full of rust and dog-walked down the street


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Thanks kevin,:)

I've owned about 6 of them since I was 18

One was stolen and never found. :(

no hardware changes.
no dual booting.
no windows.old



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Do you recall installing any software that might have caused the slowdown?

Go to Start > type msconfig and remove everything. see if this make any difference.

Then go back and check the boxes for your anti-virus, spyware detector, and personal firewall if you have one.

You do have Anti-virus software installed, correct?

avg free.

it runs the same.


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Are you saying AVG was the only entry under the Startup tab?
Or did you remove them all, then add AVG back in?

clearred all
running the same


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Have you activated Windows and downloaded updates from Windows Update?

no. did it now.


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Once you activate Windows, Windows Update should appear an present you with a list of updates.

Are you getting them now?

If not, go to Control Panel > Windows Update and it should tell you there are updates, or "Your system is up to date"

Connect the hard disk in first channel IDE or S-ATA, maybe IDE 0 or IDE 1 or S-ATA 0 or S-ATA 1.
Then boot normally.

im up 2 date man.

the booting time still take longer then usual.


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I just shutdown my Windows 7 machine and timed it to the point where you could see all the desktop icons and it took 40 seconds.

time yours and let know.

ok here it goes

it takes 29 seconds to upload to a black screen and the mouse cursor (???)
+12 seconds till welcome screen
+8 seconds to see all icons
+6 seconds to stop thinking

total is 55 seconds.

by the way, what should i do if IE8 crashes everytime i run it? but when i run the no addon version it runs ok?


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So, if you use my method, it would be 49 seconds.

Truthfully, what's so bad about that? My Vista machine takes about 3 minutes.:(

As for IE8, have you added any Accelerators or other search providers or any other type on add-on to IE?

i heard for people with less boot time. i have a very decent laptop, i think i can get it faster. just want to know why

about ie
i didnt installed anything i just downloaded a file that was infected and since i run it, and clean it with avg+spybot
my ie is not working

just the googlechrome (AMAZINGLY FAST)


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If IE is not working and you say you downloaded an infected file, that leads me to believe that part of the virus is still on your system.

If it didn't happened long ago, I would go back and choose a restore date prior to the time when you downloaded that file.

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