Boot Trojan?

Hey everybody,

just encountered what i think may be a boot sector trojan virus. Im running windows 7 on a sony vaio and can only get into the BIOs system (version R0200Z5). Im unable to boot into anything (normal mode, safe mode, system restore points) when trying, my comp just reboots and proceeds into the screen "Setup repair or Start Windows Normally". I can get to the "Advanced Boot Options" but after running any option from that screen the system again reboots and there is no change. I have an ISO Windows 7 x64bit repair .ISO burned onto a bootable disk, but (even though i specified Hard Disk as the primary boot device in BIOs) am unable to boot from that disk. I can get to a command line from the "System Recovery Options" but thats about it...

Ran a CHKDSK but everything was completed successfully, couldn't CHKDSK /f - "Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected.", originally i figured it was messing up my Boot.ini because i didnt see it when i (dir /ah) so i "notepad.exe'd" and created one, only to later learn that windows 7 doesnt use boot.ini anymore, ugh >.<

Any ideas or information needed?

--Thanks for the help --


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My suggestion would be to use a product such as Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10. Burn the ISO to a disk, use the utility within the interface to update to the latest signatures. You'll need to have the computer plugged into your internet source (ethernet cable is best, but sometimes wireless will work, just depends on the drivers needed). There is also a PDF file at this link which provides a detailed User Guide which I suggest giving at least a cursory reading.
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10


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Hopefully Trouble's suggestion will take care of the problem, but have you cold booted the system? If anything is living in the memory, it might get rid of it.

Does your laptop use an F key like F12 to select a boot device? Have you tried booting the CD on another system to make sure it is bootable?

If you do get to the Startup Repair option, it may take 3 or 4 runs before it can repair the boot sequence, so give it a chance. But it does have to get back into that screen, it should not just reboot if you use the key sequence to reload the Repair senario..

It seems there have been quite a few folks lately who have lost their ability to boot into their system. Maybe something is going around.

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