Windows 7 boot up issue


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I have win 7 Beta installed on my PC. The problem I am having with it is when I press the power button on my PC about 10 seconds into it, I see a blank screen with the cursor blinking for about 3 minutes before I see starting windows screen and then it will take less than another minute until I get to my desktop.

What would be causing this 3 minute pause before reaching the windows starting screen. I do not have a printer or any USB device hooked up to this PC.

There was this issue Under "other devices" there is 2 entries of "IPMI interfaces" and "PCI serial Port" with yellow ! point next to them. But I found this

Interface IPMI ? - Vista Forums

So I disabled both of them. However, I am still having the same issue with my PC. My PC is 32BIT. Any other ideas on what could be causing this issue? I appreciate your help.


Can I please get some help with this issue.

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