Windows 7 Bootable USB stick - How to create a Prompt command


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Hi all
I've followed the tutorial on creating a bootable install USB for Windows 7 -- works great

However there is a very slight problem -- there's no prompt for example "Press Any Key to boot from the CD".
The prompt is actually very useful as during an install your computer might re-boot several times. This means that you can't perform an "Unattended" install as you either need to reset the Bios after the ist boot or pull out the USB stick whilst booting and insert it back again during the boot process -- for example while the boot splash screen is being displayed.

Anyway to add a "Text prompt" which if a key is not pressed then the computer won't continue the boot from that device but will choose the hard disk (like the W7 install DVD).

Other than that the tutorial is great -- installing W7 from a bootable USB -- less than 15 mins.

Hello jimbo,'

I came across that the other day hen people were having a hard time installing using the DVD.

I believe, once the first copying process is done, the files are placed on the hard drive, and you should be able to pull it out at this point.

Remember, i said should;)

I know how to add a caption for logging into Windows, the only thing I can think might be possible is to extract the contents of the ISO, create a text file with the message, and merge it back into the ISO.

The problem is i have no idea where to put it:confused:
Hi there
I'll try pulling out the USB stick -- I'll see if it "Errors out.(Only takes 15 mins at most to install from USB stick).

I'll also have a look at the Bartpe Forum -- this is where you can make "emergency Live Windows CD's" for system recovery. There's some explanation of how to get the proper Windows Boot CD function on to a USB stick.
I'd like to have a go at making a W7pe type of disk anyway.

bartpe - Google leit=


I heard BartPE mentioned many times, but I have never used it myself.

From what I've heard about it, it works very ell.

Good Luck:)