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    So I realise this probably not the place to post this problem but its the only place i can think of.

    So here is te low down.
    Got me a copy of Windows 7 ultimate to install on my windows partition and decided to give t a shot.
    Started the installed 64bit with no problems and went on my merry way downloading and using windows 7 and was loving it (didn't run into a single instal problem like other bott campers had reported).

    went on the internet and surfed away(i use my 3G wireless dongle) finding stuff to run on my fresh install.
    then i ran into a problem,(mind you this was after running bootcamp installer and instaling all drivers) i took my laptop to work and had 30 mins to kill before my shift started so i thought i would jump on my hotels wireless and have a bit of a check up on things. so opened up gogle Chrome and it all loaded. so i entered a search into google, the page then started to load then stoped. so i thought maybe chrome is having a problem so i started up IE8. got the same thing again.

    So here i was with no internet and thought ill give it a shot on my OSX side.
    and low and behold i had the internet connectivity i craved.

    So i decided tha night after scrolling through page after page that maybe it was the 64bit operating system as i had read reports of mac drivers not working properly with the 64bit OS. so i reformatted and installed the 32bit OS.........waste of time.

    I have searched for drivers to fix it and no avail.

    so i went back to searching and i found a forum post on something unrealated other then *suposed* updated drivers for my wireless card,
    heres the addy Download Atheros AR50XX Wireless Vista/7 Driver v. | Catalog - X-DRIVERS.COM: eXtremly full software portal

    still no luck.

    now i realise my problem may not be my drivers but it does seem like it may be the problem as i can connect to a network and i can see other computers on it but as soon i as i try to surf it just craps out.

    Also i do realise that bootcamp support for win 7 doesnt exsist and that i have to deal with what i have but i was just wondering if anyone has had this problem also or could shed some light on the matter for me as i havent had this problem with XP or vista.

    anyway any input would be fantastic. thanks

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