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Right, i just got my hands on a 64 bit Win 7. In confusion about device numbering i accidently installed it on my secondary harddrive D: as my logic told me that Device 0 would be C: . Realizing my mistake, i installed it on C:, which contained an old Danish 32bit vista, which i removed through deleting the windows.old folder.

But when i try to boot i get a


Status: 0xc0000428

Failed to confirm the digital signature of the file. (translation from Danish)"

It suggests me to use the installation CD and do a repair, tried it but didn't change anything. Also did the memory diagnostics and chkdsk on the C: in addition to the "boot without forcing digital signature" or whatever it's called. Without any effect at all what so ever, and no bad sectors.

However if i put in the win7 dvd and restart it, it boots without any hassle, besides asking me which windows 7 i'd like to boot.

I've tried deleting the windows 7 folder on the D: drive, which just gives me the error message "you require permission from TrustedInstaller to make changes to this folder", i've tried giving my self admin rights through a commandoprompt, but that didn't change anything either. I can't change the admin rights on D: and it won't let me format it.

Anyonr got any idea? cause i'm lost.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks :)

Here's the ss you asked for

EKSTERN (F:) is my external hdd

I know deleting the folder isen't the real way of getting rid of such, but tiredness and frustration had kicked in :razz:
So all i in reality got out of that was alot of lost saved games...

Actually when i come to think of it, D: had XP on it when my old comp died and i stashed it in the new one with vista on C:. But that aside xp was never really involved.

I've burned a multilicence windows 7 pro iso, that my university distributes, onto a dvd. But seeing as i'm going from 32bit vista to 64bit 7 i thought i didn't need to mention whether it was an upgrade or not seeing as a 32bit system cannot run the 64 bit upgrade.

Then i wasen't all wrong, been thinking if maybe unplugging D: would help anything, and well i'm thinking about just getting rid of it, now that i've got my new external one up and running.


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Right, i unplugged D: reinstalled win 7 on C:, but now it won't even let me get to the bootmenu without the dvd inserted. All i get is a black screen with a little "-" flashing in the top left corner.

So i tried plugging back in D: and starting C: safemode and when i then try to format D: i get "System partition is not allowed to be formatted".

Hm, i might've gotten this wrong. The full version disk won't ask if you want to upgrade? and just head straight on to the installation instead? In that case i guess i'm wrong and i've got an upgrade disk, as i've installed 7 with "custom install" as i didn't have a 64bit vista to upgrade from.

I guess this means that i'll have to backup everything on my external hdd and format the lot?

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