Booting Win 7 from install disk

I am trying to upgrade from Windows Vista 32bit to Win 7 64bit. The only way to do a fresh install for me would be to boot the installer from the disk. When I hit f12 or whatever and select boot from cd/dvd drive, it says BOOTMGR missing and my computer restarts. So I can't install Windows 7. I am installing on my laptop and have no other partitions or drives running other versions of Windows. I am attempting to install this on my sole HDD. Thanks for the help guys.


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Go into Bios and change the Disk Controller from ahci to ATA or IDE.

Can you boot the Vista dvd ok?

Booting my Vista disk as well as a Windows7 32bit disk works fine. It is the 64bit disk is what is giving me problems


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Could easily be a fault with the disk - I would d/l the .iso and burn your own.

Have a look at tblount's blog

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It is a brand new disk. I doubt there is something wrong with it.


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Quite a few people have damaged dvd's - percentage wise, it's small - in absolute numbers , it is a lot.

Does the fact your other dvd's are fine give any clues?

I tried inserting the disk on a friends computer and the 64bit installation disk seemed to run fine, which indicated that it is not damaged.


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If the disk is ok - it presumably is connected with your harware or dvd drivers/firmware. Maybe someone else will pitch in here. I avoid oem laptops - so all I can suggest is you check the oem site to see your model is ok for 64 bit , and then for any Bios, or dvd upgrades for your model.

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Sometimes a disk will work on one PC but not another. Might be something about the disk reader or the disk brand you choose.

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