Booting windows 7 and crach issues

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    i got a mysterious problem going on in my pc. i reinstalled my windows7 5-6 times by now. and 2 diff problems can accure. some times when i gotten my pc reinstalled ill get massive boot problems my pc get stuck on the windows fayding boot logo and need to restart 10-12 times befor it will let me in to windows, and 2and one is i can boot all the time but ewery ather time i start my pc it will stop to responde within10-15 min but will work for eny amount of time or eny stess the bootup inbetwen. atm i reinstalled today and sadly got the bot up problem agen. me and my friends are quite hung up ower whot might be the problem.

    thx for eny advice
    pc specs
    CPU =AMD II X4 965
    Mobo =Asus M4N82 Deluxe
    GPU =Nvidia 295 EVGA
    Ram =2x 2Gig total 4gig Corsair DDr2 800mhz cant remember the exact moddel suppose to be good for clocking etc
    Power =Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000 1000W got it cuz i thought the old one who's the problem but it did no diff.

    the computer is overclocked atm but if i turn it on or off dosent effect eny thing iwe run stress test 95 prime for 2 hours no problems. all is up to date exept the mobo the lathest Bios update are not being accepted for some reason by my mobo altho its not supose to fix much eny way.

    :) thx for taking your time to help me.
    Tobias, Bergstrand

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