Bootmgr image corrupt

Hi all, im new and hope you can help.

I have recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, via a free upgrade i got when i bought my pc. My pc is about 4 months old and i have been running W7 great for 3 weeks.

My problem came about last week when suddenly my computer crashed to a black screen saying, BOOTMGR IMAGE CORRUPT, this black screen would not reset and i had to re power at the wall.

I managed to run in safe mode and rad disk checks etc with no problems being found. I ther restarted with no problems.

Within an hour it crashed again, to another black screen saying, FILE IS POSSIBLY CORRUPT, FILE HEADER CHECKSUM DOES NOT MATCH THE COMPUTED CHECKSUM.

I did the same as above again and restarted eventually. THis time it crashed to a blue screen, and keeps on doing without warning. It is driving me mad.

Can anyone help, i rang the pd manufacturer help line who went through it with me only to then say i had to ring their £1 a min phone line (premium rate).

I am not great with pc's so i will not be able to do anything complex.

help thanks mk

just to add, at the time i was just on the web. no cd or dvd in the drive, no usb storage or anything was attached.

Joe S

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I would suggest a clean install ugrades leave junk behind. You can do a clean install with an upgrade disk. You need to boot from disk then select custom and format but do not put in your product then. See if it is working OK then boot from disk and select upgrade this time and activate. There some recent posts on this make sure I didn't miss anything. Make sure you back up your data it will be wiped out. I'd partition the drive and use 40-80 gigs for windows and other programs and move all data to other partition. Windows disk management will do this fine.

thanks for the quick reply Joe.

how do you partition the drive, i have heard of this but never done it. Also i have alot of prog's installed for my university course, will these be lost?

thanks again, sorry for being a pain



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No warranty on the machine? The best thing to do is take it back and get a replacement.

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