BOOTMGR is missing

I just did a re-installation of Windows 7 x64 on my computer, and I am getting the dreaded "BOOTMGR is missing" error. The previous operating system was also Windows 7 x64. I have 4 internal HDD, but I am reinstalling to the same drive that I originally used. I reformatted the drive when I did the installation.

I have done a lot of searching on this topic to try to find a solution. I'm amazed at how common this error appears to be, and yet there doesn't seem to be a clear and consistent answer for solving it. Why is this so difficult to resolve? Can anyone help me get this fixed?

Try using your installation disc and run repair


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If you have 4 hard drives, the boot files are probably on a drive that no longer contains the first active partition.

For the boot files to work, they have to be in the first active partition encountered during the boot. You might check your bios and see if the drive you installed Win 7 on is the primary drive. The boot files could have been put on one of the other ones if they were set as primary.

Did you change the drive order or remove one?

I tried running the repair utility from the Windows installation disc, but that didn't work. I suspect you are right about the files being on one of the other drives. I haven't changed my hardware configuration, but you're probably right about the problem. I checked my BIOS and confirmed that I have the right drive listed to be the first in the boot priority. I suspect it has something to do with the 100MB partition that Windows 7 creates, but I don't know how to deal with that.


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It is looking in wrong place for the boot files. You have 4 hard drives which complicates the possibilities.

I would suggest you download, burn and boot to either GParted or Partition Wizard. They are both partition manipulation utilities. I like Partition Wizard, but it does not have the ability to take a screen shot, you would have to use an external camera, like a phone.

If you get a picture of your drive and partition setup, attach it using the paperclip.

If you do not want to go that way, you might disconnect the other hard drives prior to reinstalling so there will be no confusion about the install.

Do you have any other OSes installed or have you attempted to install another OS?


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Are you able to see the contents of the drives by any other means?
If so, look for the HD that contains a folder called "Boot". At the same time, look in the root of the HD and see if you do actually have the start up files (bootmgr)
If you can do this, perhaps you can confirm that it is the correct HD to which you are booting?
Otherwise, download and install "EasyBcd", and, in the "Add/Remove entries section, supply the needed details, (don't forget to "save" , top right) and see if you get the option in a reboot.

Thank you to everyone for the great information! I unplugged all of the other 3 drives and did a fresh reinstallation on the 1 remaining drive. It worked. I plugged the other drives back in, and everything is fine.

Thank you again for the great help! :razz:

If you can't solve the problem in any way, I think you can copy all your documents out under dos or Win PE or any recovery disk (such as Norton Ghost).
Then, if you have a recovery disk which you got with your machine or you made by yourself, you can restore to factory status (which can wipe the disk).


you can try to redistribute your partition using tools like Norton PQ Magic 8, and fresh install the system again.

Hope can help.

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