Bootmgr missing ...sometimes....

ok well I have a weird problem that I can not seem to get past. I installed an OEM version of Windows 7 as I am trying to solve a freeze/lockup problem with the RC and after getting it in I get the wonderfull bootmgr missing etc etc...previously if I had the DVD in the drive it would just boot normally until removing the DVD. I eventually fixed this problem when unplugged my storage drive and ran the reapir utility fixing the however I can not seem to use the same fix. With both drives plugged in it will not load, it gives me the bootmgr missing error even with the DVD in the drive. When I unplug the storage drive and run the utility again no problems found. Any suggestions?

nm.....seemed to have fixed it....not gonna pretend I know exactly how...I went into the command prompt in the repair utility as well as loaded an old ATA driver from my floppy just in case since I know Vista did not co-operate without it and seems to be up and running......

thanx anyways :p

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