recently i installed ubuntu 11.04 . now i hav deleted the ubuntu partition using windows disk management. now i cant boot the windows os! :( even i tried the FIXMBR commands!
now it is showing ' BOOTMGR not found"
can any one help in this issue?

thanks in advance!


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Ciara's suggestion about EasyBCD is correct in that it will allow you to rewrite the MBR and give it back to Windows.

Or you could check the Microsoft site for details about using Bootsect.exe

If you do have the cannot find Bootmgr message, you may only need to run the Bootrec /fixboot command.

I will assume you do not have a UEFI boot configuration. If you do, there is not much experience with exactly how it works regarding some of these commands.

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You may have problems using Msconfig or easybcd if you cannot open windows 7. Have you tried a repair startup from the installation DVD?

thnx :)..

I tried using w7 ultimate installation dvd! i used fixmbr command and fixboot command! but it is still showing "bootmgr not found"....

note: I'm using w7 home premium(genuine)
thnx in advance :)


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Since we do not know the exact circumstance of your system, it is hard to tell what might be needed.

If you have the install DVD, you should be able to run Startup Repair 3 or 4 times to get your boot back. It takes several passes because it has to fix certain items before it can fix others and it needs a reboot to do that.

If Startup Repair does not work, what message does it give?

the msg shows " the issue cannot be solved automatically"..


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I'm not sure you are following the correct steps.Try this walkthrough:

Boot your computer to the Windows 7 DVD
Choose to install now.
Select your language and click next.
Click the button for "Use recovery tools".
Now select "Command Prompt". You may need to run as Administrator.
Type the command: bootsect /nt60 C:
estart your computer and Windows 7 should boot as the GRUB loader is now eliminated.If not, to get the Windows 7 GUI start-up back, now use , as before the command: bootrec /fixmbr
Now try for another reboot.

You can then remove all traces of the Linux distribution


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The situation may be that since deleting the Ubuntu partition stopped the ability to boot into Windows that the active partition was on the Ubuntu volume. If there is no active partition, then not much will work.

I would suggest you use something like Partition Wizard and G-Parted and look at the drive to make sure it has an active partition for Windows to keep its boot files. G-Parted might be on the Linux install disc which you can run as a live version if you select try instead of install.

We are talking about just one drive, right? If you were using two, then changing the order in the bios or using an F key to boot to the other drive might help.

thanks to all especially davehc

Got the problem solved!!;)

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