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Hello everyone,

I have a PC with Windows 10, from my sister, that her son somehow messed up, so it cannot boot anymore.
It just boots into the BIOS, where I plays around with various options, but with no success.

There are 2 HDs inside.

A small 128 GB ssd where windows resides

And a big 1 TB with data

Booting up with a linux live usb shows the 1TB is still fine and accessible.

But the 128 GB windows drive shows up as "unallocated space". Now does that mean, that the ssd is indeed broken, or are there maybe hard drive protection meassures active that got messed up?
And could maybe be restored?
How to find out, and what options exist in this regard?

(I am not familiar in the windows administration world, but I remember coming across such a thing, where I did data rescue for a different pc)


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The SSD could well have failed/be failing. First back up and important data which you can still access then try a reinstall of Windows 10 to the SSD.