bootstat.dat when reinstalling

Randomly my computer turned off.

Turned it back on and when it goes Verifying DMI Pool Data it says "Disk error found". Figured it was an operating system flaw and and after repairing failed, I decided to reformat.

When I try to reinstall Windows it comes up with "c:\boot\bootstat.dat is corrupted" and aborts my installation. Why is this happening?

This was after I had formatted the drive. So I go and put a new hard drive in, format it, and start installing. Same error comes up again.

Tried googling to no success. Anyone have any help? Thanks! I want to be able to use my computer :)


Did you remove the original failed HDD while using the new one?

Anyhow, pull the battery out of the motherboard for a few moments, while powered off. Also remove the plug from the wall socket.

Replace and carry on.

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