bottomless pit of folders Please help!!!

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    Hi everyone,

    I currently have a problem with what appears to be recurring folders.
    I have the main folder which then shows a folder inside that, then another inside that, then another inside that until I come to about 7-8 folders. opening any of these and the you end up opening one folder, within a folder,within a folder,within a folder. It seems to just go on forever! I've attempted to rename the folders as I go but so far.. after 30 minutes of this. I stopped right clicked.

    to simplify this it would appear like this in a tree:
    (now changed folder names to numbers)

    Root folder :7
    open that reveals folder 7
    open that reveals another folder called 7
    open that..... it goes on for about 50 times until you a brought to this


    selecting and then opening any of the above folders will bring you to a folder called 7
    opening that reveals another folder called 7 and so it goes on (the above list of repeated folders does not re-appear).

    I can't delete the root of the directory as the filename is too large.
    I tried to rename each directory but got bored after about 30 minutes as I found out (after opening a folder which revealed another folder inside I right clicked that folder and it said "6" more subdirectories. so... opened that folder I just right clicked on - revealing another folder - renamed that. opened it. - another folder - renamed it - opened that folder - renamed it. - right clicked it - it said 3 more subfolders. so.. carried on.. counted that I'd opened 4 checked again "6" subfolders. so.. no matter how much you go through the folders renaming each folder, you will never reach the final folder.

    I've tried to delete the root folder, but file path it too long/ name is too long
    attempted to delete via command prompt using rmdir... erase, del.. RD.. no avail
    also tried this through safe mode - nothing. Tried through the advanced boot option (pressing F8 on first boot up)again.. no avail
    when I did try it through safe mode with command prompt and through the advanced boot option It did attempt to delete the directories but showed "error file path (or file name) too long. so couldn't be deleted that way.
    tried running unlocker - file not locked, but when trying to delete through windows 7 with command prompt it shows "running in another process"
    unlocker was also unable to delete the folder on re-boot
    lock hunter wasn't able to do anything other than move it to the root of my [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]external [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]hard [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]drive[/FONT][/FONT]. it did however show that it wasn't running in any process's

    I've searched for the past day or two while trying different things and yet... nothing has worked at all. I've also tried robocopy but that didn't help either.

    please help as I don't want an endless supply of subfolders being on my hard drive. there's no files or data in the folders it's just an endless supply of a folder, within a folder...

    Thanks in advance

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