Bought 32-bit by accident

So I accidentally bought a 32-bit OEM version of Win7 from Newegg, I realized this after it shipped(never shop for software after 2am unless you're pro). My son opened the box while I was unpacking the other hardware, so apparently I can't return it. Anyway, if I get my friend's 64-bit disc will I be able to use my key to install it? I've seen conflicting answers about this, some stating that if the two versions are the same, both Pro in my case, it isn't an issue. Others say if it's OEM it only goes 64 to 32. Can anyone clarify? Thanks in advance...

Yes... version must be the same... have to install 64 bit pro

Thanks for the response, I was concerned I just threw money(and RAM) away. :D


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If you need a legit place to download 64bit I'll post em for you.

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