Brand new computer with win 7, refuses to boot??????????

i have a new pavilion dv7t, and after trying to set up a dual boot system, it refuses to restart. i have 7 home prem. on the c drive, and wanted to put win 7 ultimate on the "a" drive. but after a couple of reboots, on the last reboot the computer gets to the initial prompt, and then just has a flashing cursor in the upper left corner and will not go any further. i have run memory diagnostics, hdd diagnostics, start up diagnostics and runup diagnostics and although every single one of them passed with no errors, it still will not boot. the computer is so new, that i haven't had a chance to make boot disc's yet, because i didn't have any writeable disc's on hand. is there anything anyone can tell me that can help?

You need to do a startup repair, but you say you don`t have the discs. Did the pc come with a recovery partition?


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Frankly it does seem strange to want to dual boot with the same OS, especially when Home premium isn't hugely different to Ultimate in terms of features. As for installing to the A-Drive i'm assuming you ment the first HD on the system as opposited to the system locked letter A which is for a floppy drive only. As you somehow managed to install a second OS then I again assume you have that installer DVD in which to use the repair tools included on it.

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