Windows 7 brand new puter, win7 asking for a driver on install?


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I'm trying to install win7 64 on a new puter and it is asking for some kind of driver up front. Gives no indication of what its for or where to get it. I've tried the motherboard (MSI) vista and XP driver CDs with no success.

new system is AMD Phenom x3, MSI k9A2 CF board, nvidia250,

I have two drives I've been using in raid 0 but even taking off the raid setup, win7 still wants some mystery driver. help!
I got the 32bit version of win7 to work by finding the proper raid drivers but I can't find the 64bit versions. anyone have any advice? I'd downloaded everything I can find from MSI
If the above solution does not work,

Go to Start > Control Pane > Device Manager and see if any entry has a yellow flag next to it.

Report back and include the entry that has the yellow flag.
I have downloaded those drivers and win7-64 sees them but says they are not the compatible drivers. so I get no where. There is no "yellow flags" since this occurs DURING installation, like litterally in the loading process. It's looking for raid drivers but the ones I tell it to load, it's refusing to.
At what point in the loading process is this occuring......

Copying Files
Expanding Files

Please write down the exact error message and post back with that.
it occurs before any copying or anything occurs. Litterally 10 seconds after selecting the language screen and hit install now. The error is "a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy .... insert it now." so it's looking for a drive driver for the raid controller - best guess. From what I've seen on various forums, MSI did not have a 64-bit compatible driver. I'm not sure if this is true but I'm going to contact tech support. In the mean time, I'm gonna be happy with the 32-bit win7 I guess.
I've done some searching on other forums and it seem to happen more with the 64-bit version.

The posts suggested changing jumpers on the DVD Rom from slave to master, or if it's already configured that way, change it to Master

You can also install Windows 7 on a USB drive.

I'll find the details and post back.

just located this on the forum:

My DVD drive is inoperable after installing "7" (64bit).
The driver signature is not verified, so says the dialog.:(
If I buy a new DVD drive, how can I know it will work any differently?

Any suggestions are appreciated.:)

Update: I downloaded and installed "ReadyDriverPlus" which was recommended by prazvt in another thread about driver signing problems.
It worked! My DVD drive is installed and working. Thank you prazvt!
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