Brand new Win7, P6TD, SSD... RAID destroys everything!

I literally just want to RAID0 2 of my 4 HDDs (one being the system SSD)
I don't understand why enabling RAID in BIOS causes BSOD halfway through Win7 booting...

As instructed in the mobo manual, I enabled SATA RAID, and then went Ctrl+I to the set up the array. All groovy on 2 x SpinpointF3s. Until you try and load Windows.


umm your trying raid together two drives 1x ssd and 1x hdd it will most probably 99.9% chance it'll never work
as for it not working on 2x Samsung F3 HDD's i have no idea, what raid type are you trying to use do you have the latest raid driver for your mobo

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Sorry for not being clearer I'm not trying to RAID the SSD system drive, just 2 of the 3 Spinpoint SATA HDDs.

I'm pretty sure I've just updated the Marvell RAID driver- it seems to show a different version in the BIOS.
I'ver heard you can use a standard windows driver instead but it' doesn't have as good performance?

I'm trying to RAID0.


ok well according asus website the marvel only has an eSATA port and an IDE port so you don't need to worry about that, Right so what sata ports are the two drives on then sata 1,2 or sata 3,4 or sata 5,6


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for raid 0 you need to have two identical hard drives both of which should be blank. If they have data on them it will be lost when creating the raid 0 with your bios setup. once the raid is set up you then instal the operating system on them.

If your operating system is on a separate 3rd disk you will have to go into the bios and tell it to boot from that disk.
Make sure you read the instructions in yiour MB manual.

if your not booting from it ie: the primary OS drive i don't see why your trying to install win7 on it.. once you create the raid array in the bios you should end up with one raid0 partition the size of both HDD's combined (500GB + 500GB = 1TB) showing in windows it'll probably need to be formated though before you can use it

actually nehoma you don't need two identical hdd's you can use two hdd's of diferent sizes you'll just end up with a raid0 array of whatever the smallest hdd is plus what it needs to match that from the other ie: 80GB + 120GB = 160GB raid0 array out of 200GB but you must make sure the smaller hdd is first in line it's certainly not recommended but it will work


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I stand corrected but as you say non identical drives nor recommended

Thanks for the posts

Athlonite, I'm not sure what you think I'm saying.. The 4 drives are as follows:
1 x SSD (with Win7 on it)
3 x Spinpoint HDDs (2 of which I want in RAID0)

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