Broadcom 4318 Issue on 7

I have a Broadcom 4318 inside my Acer TravelMate 2480 laptop. This card works fine in any OS. Whenever I update the drivers on XP, Vista, or Ubuntu, my activity LED would stay solid and only flash with activity. However, on 7, bad things happen.

When I update the drivers though MS Update, I get slow connection speeds, random wifi drops, and the light doesn't stay solid. However, if I stay with the drivers that come with 7, my wifi works fine (besides the non-solid LED).

Anyone else have a similar issue?

I do have the same kind of issue since I installed Windows 7 Pro in my Dell XPS 420. My dell has a BCM4318. The connection is pretty slow and the wireless randomly drop.

I tried the original drivers from Windows 7 and other certified drivers for Vista 32bits from Dell. Both cause me a same issue.

Before I had Vista without wireless issue with the OEM drivers.

Anybody have an idea how to fix it ?

You may experience connectivity issues or performance issues when you connect a mobile PC that is running Windows Vista or Windows 7 to a wireless access point Is the microsoft response to the wireless dropping.

With Acer units I would reccomend following the information above as well as reinstalling the launch manager software for your TM2480. Acer only just started selling windows7 units in the UK and we have yet to see the full joys of difficulties customers are going to experience.

The Acer launch manager will most likely resolve your issues with "bad things" in w7 as well as make your light flash as it should in other OS's.

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