Broken Computer after Vista Install - unresponsive most of time

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I hate Vista. The only reson i put it on my mates computer is because I was gonna upgrade it to 7. So I put it on and now it doesnt pick up and Externall HDD/USB's, it says it cannot find the driver. It takes forever to load things and it doesnt load the account all together on other than 2 accounts (the ones that have almost nothing on them). When ever I put in Vista or 7 discs it freezes Windows Explorer when i try to Autorun and when i try to "open" the disc it freezes as well. When I try to run in safe mode it gets stuck on crcdisk.sys. When i try to boot from the disc (either of them) it gets says loading files then it just shows the background and the mouse (you can move the cursor) but nothing else. I HAVE NO OTHER IDEAS ON WHAT TO DO. This is my friends computer and i am afraid I have broken it, also i cannot format!

ps. The HDD shows up in Device Manager but it shows up as unknown not under HDD's!
pps. It was upgraded from Windows XP Professional SP2/SP3 (im not sure which one)

thx for your help in advance. Caius

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I cant format!!! :frown:

1. Forget about whatever is currently in the machine
2. Do a clean ("Custom") install of Windows 7
This means the drive where it is going gets formatted & the beginning of the install process

Umm I cant just forget about whatever is currently on the hard drive because its got about 10 000 songs, plus movies and iphone apps. I was thinking what if I partitioned his drive leaving the second partition with about 80GB for all his files then get a program to boot from that will format the first partition? then hopefully I can do a clean install, BUT.... If i cant install Windows 7 then because I cant even boot from disk without it freezing on the background. He has no computer soooo do u no another way I could fix it? Or at least get USB's working so I can back everything up? By the way, its getting a 1.0 score for graphics in the Windows Experience Index. Its getting Nearly 6's for everything else
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Re: Drew

I couldnt load Windows 7 on to the new HDD even if i did get it i couldnt install it because the Disc cant get read! And when i tried to partition (shrink drive) it had an Error (something to do with no access i think). So now i cant even do that! What about if I get one of those housings for internal hard drives and I plug it into his laptop (with USB) and then I copy files over and would it be possible to install Windows 7 onto the Drive? Or would it not work because he already has Windows 7 On it?

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Just to make sure,
I can install Windows 7 onto the HDD from his laptop (that already has Win7 on it).
I just boot from the Win7 Disk and choose to custom install it onto that HDD?
I'm pretty sure that's what you would do but i'm not 100% sure