Brother MFC-8500 Network Printer shows offline, when it is in fact online

I have seen different posts on other websites about network printers appearing offline (when they are online). I have a similar problem with Brother MFC-8500, using Windows 7. The printer functions OK when first installed but, once the client computer is turned off and restarted, the printer is shown as being offline; I need to uninstall and re-install, a very annoying process.

I have seen suggestions to use a specific and fixed IP address for the printer because otherwise the computer changes the printer security settings each time it restarts. I know the IP address of my network printer but I don't know the proper syntax for entering it in "the add new printer" dialog box. Is it IP192.XXX.0.XXX\\HomeNetworkName\SharedPrinterName???

Many thanks!!!

Hi KostaGe,

Sorry to hear that you are facing such kind of problem..But solution is not soo far.:razz:

As far as i understand is that when you TURN ON your client computer you find your printer is not TURNED ON.
Please let me know how many computer's are connected to this same product (Brother MFC-8500) and don't forget to change the desired SLEEP MODE time according to your requirement.

1. Please click on Start-Devices and Printers-Right Click on your product(Brother MFC-8500) and click OPEN, then locate to firt TAB in that same windows which will popup after clicking on OPEN (Remove CHECK if it is there on USE PRINTER OFFLINE).

2. Everytime use Full Drivers for installation which gives you more options and a great compatibility/stability with that particular computer.(As i have checked on US and UK Office pages there are no drivers for windows 7) (Keep in mind to check SLEEP MODE settings).

3. Here is a way to check what is that exact IP Address and Other very useful information to get.
Press the '+' key until you see "INFORMATION"
Press the 'SET' key
Use the '+' or '-' keys until you see "PRINT SETTINGS"
Press the 'SET' key and the print configuration pages are printed.
Two Line LCD Printers:
Press the '+' key until you see "MENU" "INFORMATION"
Press the 'SET' key
Use the '+' or '-' keys until you see "INFORMATION" "PRINT SETTINGS"
Press the 'SET' key and the print configuration pages are printed.

Once you get the IP Address of your product (Brother MFC-8500). Open the web browser and search for it. You can see Printer Web Settings Page where you can do some settings if they are not matching what you were looking for OR might be differ from your specific known network.

4. Finally, if you did not get any help after trying these options, then try to change the security of your network, password, Channels, Encryption, Wireless Mode (b,g,n).

:razz:I Hope these information are enough to give you the possible solution.:razz:

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Thank you for your response. I shall try your suggestions and let you know. If it makes any difference in your recommendations, I have ONE host computer (an HP desktop equipped with a CISCO E3000 wireless router) and ONE client, an HP laptop. Both computers run Windows 7.

Unfortunately, no luck!

1. I checked the Properties of Brother MFC-8500 and there is no switch to toggle on/off the USE PRINTER OFFLINE
2. I printed the PRINT CONFIGURATION screen of Brother MFC-8500, which however, does not list an IP address
3. However, I found my computer's IP in Network Connections,line "IPv4 Address"
4. I tried removing and reinstalling the MFC-8500 printer on my laptop by two methods, both of which failed;
a) searching for \\Homenetwork Name\Brother MFC-8500 USB
b) searching by IP address typing the IPv4 address

Obviously, I am doing something fundamentally wrong and/or I am using the wrong syntax in the search parameters.

Very frustrating!

Hi KostaGe,
Sorry to hear that..all solution were failed.
1. First of all let me know how did you install your printer.(decribe it)
2. Try to restart the print spooler service for restarting this you need to click on start type services.msc then find print spooler once get it highlight it and hit restart in left pane.
3. Right click on your printer click open then small windows will popup, in that window click first tab then uncheck Print Offlice. (If all ready checked)

Try this and let me know if it works.

If you are asking about the printer installation on my HP desktop (the host computer), I plugged it in, I let Windows 7 detect it and find the appropriate driver (I should add that the printer works perfectly without issues). It is designated as a shared printer on the home network.

As far as the HP laptop (the client computer) is concerned, a friend of mine who works with HP installed the printer using my desktop's IP address. Subsequently, there was a glitch with the laptop's Windows 7 which forced me to reinstall Windows and all other software. When I tried to reconnect to the shared printer I ran into the problems that I have described.

I presume that the print spooler procedure that you describe in (2) refers to the desktop Host.

As of now, the laptop can see the Brother printer but is shown as being offline and any document that I attempt to print goes into a queue. In the meantime I found the window that you described in (3) and made sure that it is unchecked.

Thanks for your patience!

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The instructions given above are only for your hp laptop.
1. Click on start-devices and printers, right click on your brother printer and select (Remove device/delete device) once done. Go to control panel-Programs and feature highlight Brother Mfc printer software and uninstall it. Restart your computer.

2. Make sure your printer is ON, Sharing ON and Printing from your Hp Desktop. click on start- type CMD in search bar and hit enter. Type ipconfig hit enter.. Note down the Ip Address of your hp desktop computer.

3. Come back to your Hp Laptop.
Click start-type run and hit enter. Type //ip address of your hp desktop and hit enter, then all shared items on your hp desktop should comeup and locate your brother printer which is shared.. Right click on it make shortcut on desktop. Now you should be able to print from your Hp Laptop. If not let me know i will give you the next possible solution.
Happy Computing.

This really worked, after I changed the syntax from //ip address to \\ip address. Thanks, you have saved the day!!!

I am curious about one thing : when I get the IP address by the process that you described in Step 2, I get a different IPv4 number then when I search for it in CONTROL PANEL>NETWORK CONNECTIONS>DETAILS (of the active Network Connection). There is a difference of one digit in the fourth set of numbers. Any idea why that happens?

Again, many thanks!

Hi KostaGe,

I am happy that your issue got resolved.

Yes, i was confused about that syntax. Sorry

Ip Address is set of numerical values which is
unique & helps identifying the PRODUCTS in

Any issue feel free to ask till the time enjoy printing. :)

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