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I'm running Win7 x64 and love it so far. However, I'm seeing some oddities when I browse using IE8.
For example: if I navigate to, it'll error out and not connect. If I hit refresh immediately, it still won't connect. If I wait a few mins then hit F5, it'll connect and run great. But it's that initial connection that is a PITA. I'm using Verizon's FiOS at 20Mbps down/5Mbps up so it's not my connection ;)

Any ideas?


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Alrighty then.

try using a different browser and see if it has the same problem

I'm seeing some oddities when I browse using IE8.
There's your problem ;) Use Firefox.


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Wildew. Will report back.

Update: I should've thought of that. But anyway, yea, Firefox is running much better. Thanks.

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Firefox... If you want to use most of your internet speed use Google Chrome. It runs much faster and is nicer than old boring firefox.

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