Browsers crash randomly(Chrome and Firefox)

Hi, I have just installed windows 7 64-bit, upgrading from 64-bit RC version. At first it looked to work like it should. I installed firefox and it seemed to crash for no reason, then I tried Googles browser and it had the same issue.
Both browsers crash for no reason, i do not see at pattern in the crashes.
I have tried a lot of things and nothing has worked.

Please help

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Hello and welcome to the windos 7 forums.

Do you receive any erro message or does the screen just turn white in color?

In can also look in the Event Logs in Event viewer under software.

Does IE crash?

Thnks for thw welcome:)

The browser just simply crashes, it does not freeze or anything, it just crashes, in firefox it will let me send error message (do not know the word in english).
In IE I have not yet seen the probelm, probably because i do not use IE espically much. But i will be using it to see if it has the same issue:)

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In other words, it just closes ny itself?

Yes that is exactly what mean. Though most of the time it crash when I open a new website.

Sorry if my english is a little bit rusty, I am from Denmark;)


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No, your English is fine.

We do not recommend an upgrade, but a "clean" install.

It just seems to cause too many conflicts.

Have you upgraded Firefox to version 3.55?

I have also considered that, but is less than a week ago made a "Clean install" With clean install you mean format and then install the OS, right?

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Blue Screen

I've had similar problems. I've had blue screen issues when using Firefox (latest version), Chrome, when I was using Quicken and another time while I was using Excel. Crashes are very random. I used the computer for 3.75 hrs. with no problem and then had it dump me to blue screen 4 times in 15 minutes. There seems to be no rhyme or reason and unfortunately the "blue screen" gives you no information as to why it's dumping you and re-booting your computer. Your left to experiment and guess. Very aggravating !!!


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Yes, a "clean" install will reformat your hard drive during the install.

Be aware, you'll need to re-install all your 3rd party applications.

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