browsers keyboard hangs frequently a few seconds

when browsing, the browsers (chrome and IE9) freeses frequently a few secs. It doesn't repond on keyboard or touchpad actions:
Typing google autofill starts to auto fill, gives no extra characters when I type for a few sec and then gives the letters that a had typed (not all)
The same with the backspace key. While typing this there's frequently a lag between typing and appearance of characters.
pointer hoovering always works but sometimes (frequently it takes a few seconds to change from pointer to "link-hand"
In another browser tab a youtube film is running without interruptions.
Often when I try to scroll with to fingers touchpad, the scrolling pointer appears but scrolling happens after a few seconds.

other programs like write: no problem

Anti virus and malware finds nothing

Core temp is normal; memtest and HDD test are normal.

In task manager performance monitor 2 of 4 RAM is used, the overall cpu use is 7% but every approx 10secs the monitor stops for a few seconds, then the cpu use goes to 100% for half a second and the monitor runs again.

In safe mode everything seems OK
How can I find what is bugging me

Thank you very much in advance


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Do you give your machine a thorough cleaning? Apps such as Ccleaner can help in clearing out old files etc. Another cool cleaner is the advanced Disk Cleaner. Right click cmd prompt and type: cleanmgr/sageset:1 then press enter. When the disk clean box appears you'll see there's far more check boxes than the original. Tick the boxes and click ok. To actually get it to run, type: cleanmgr/sagerun:1 then press enter. You'll see it then run through it's cycle. Now it's set up you only need to type the last entry to get it to run. Another handy app is the Auslogics Defragger. Far faster and much better than the default IMO: Download Auslogics Disk Defrag For Free

thanks@kemikal but no succes
but I've found the reason of this problem:)

in safe mode everything was OK. so with msconfig I played with the startup programs and the problem reappeard when "D-link shareport" started up. I hope a reinstall (tomorrow)of this program will bring everything back in order.



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Thats great news.. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! :)

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