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    Neither FF, Opera or Chrome open on my Sony Vaio 64bit system. I know I have Internet access as Avast updates every day. When the relevant icons are pressed the Blue loading ring appears for a few seconds then disappears. When I try to access Task manager by ctr/alt/del the screen appears asking which service I require but when I select Task manager the Blue ring appears and again disappears and nothing happens. I regularly run anti virus scans and everything else seems to work okay. I've heard a rumour that the Bonjour service could be the problem. I I did uninstall it but maybe there is something left behind. but without access to Task manager I can't see what's running.
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    I'd start by opening the Network and Sharing Center by right clicking on the icon on the task bar and selecting it.

    Does the icon on the task bar show that you are connected?

    Can you access your e-mail?

    What does the network sharing center show?

    Click on Internet Options and check to make sure that Connections/LAN Settings is set to Automatic.

    Download and run Malewarbytes if you are actually connected this does sound like malware.

    Let us know what you see and we'll go from there.

    Make sure the button on your laptop that shuts the wireless off and on is in the on position, our cat turns ours off all the time.

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