Browsing network drive, huge traffic generation while in windows explorer

I've been having a problem with windows 7 and a network drive

I have an smb file server on my network. On it I store a hell of alot of data. If I open that folder, and start clicking on files (to select them - not open them), the system will start suddenly lagging (while CPU use remains low).

Closer investigation found that simply clicking on (or selecting, as in using arrow keys for navigation) these files produces a large amount of network traffic. And it was waiting for that network traffic that appears to be causing explorer to lag.

It is quite possible to generate 15-25 MB of traffic just by holding down the arrow key for a second - this of course overwhelms the 54 mbit wifi connection.

Now, there is no reason that selecting a file should produce network traffic - I'm not opening it or anything...

It seems like it's trying to fetch the file as soon as it's selected, regardless of the fact that there's nowhere near enough network bandwidth to support doing so - AND does it in the windows explorer process, so just about all of windows lags waiting for it (yes, I know I can set it to run each window in it's own process, but the explorer window i'm in would still lag).

1) What the hell is it doing and why?

2) How can I stop it from doing so?

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